We offer services in various areas to help you with short term and long term goals
  1. Big DatA
    We help consult, design, setup and performance tune Big Data Clusters.
  2. Consulting
    With decades of experience in different technologies, we consult and help customer makes right decisions in Telecom and Big Data space
  3. Data integration
    We help collect and integrate data from different sources and different formats into Big Data platforms. We understand the data along with interface mechanisms of different platforms
  4. Training
    With industry knowledge from around the world, we bring the best to your staff in Telecom (2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE, VoWifi, SS7, VOIP) technologies and Big Data.
  5. product development as service
    The team with several decades of product development experience in Desktop, Mobile, Mediation and Server applications, customers can safely delegate the product or feature development to while their valuable resources focus on most important tasks.
  6. Data analysis and BI
    We understand and make sense out of data. We can help you analyze the data for different use cases and bring actionable intelligence out of it to help you make the right decisions.
We offer various services to help  take your business to the next level.
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