We are a solution provider organization with a strong proven expertise in telecom domain. We provide solutions with our product portfolio and wide range of services to cater to the needs of our customers. The team has three decades of experience in product development, system integration, Big Data Integration and consulting.

We are a true global organization with team spread across the continents and closure to our customers which helps us serve better.

Our expertise is in using the telecom data to solve not only telecome network issues but also help service providers bring in new revenue or stop the leakage. Our decades of experience in telecom domain makes us different in using telecom networks and data to find solutions to various socioeconomic issues and city planners. 

We are a small team with greater strength in providing solutions.



Meet The Team
  1. Founder & President
    G. Harinatha Reddy
    Founder & President
  2. Associate - Products
    M. Vishnu Chittan
    Associate - Products
  3. Associate - Services
    M. Praveena
    Associate - Services
  4. Associate - Services
    P. Raghunath Sasthry
    Associate - Services
  5. Associate - Products
    P. Rajitha
    Associate - Products
  6. Associate - Products
    T. Geethika
    Associate - Products
We offer various services to help  take your business to the next level.
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